2M solution

2M solutions are targeted at nearly 6000 enterprises, universities and colleges, and middle and primary schools, providing smart cloud one-card services based on the management of cloud platform.

  • Enterprise cloud

    Enterprise cloud one-card of Synjones mainly target at more than 2000 large enterprises and parks in China. It has accumulated rich experience and many cases.

  • University cloud

    University and college campus card of Synjones focus on interconnected new campus and smart new campus. It helps China realize the educational dream.

  • Middle and primary schools

    It provides security services of smart campus informationization and basic education cloud platform for 1000 selected middle and primary schools, which creates a safe environment.

User value

Taking cloud services, management systems, big data services and terminal sales as the main carriers, it is committed to becoming a management assistant and accelerator for construction of smart enterprises and campuses.

  • Real-time

    It takes enterprise and campus smart management system based on cloud as the core, breaking the time and space limitations, so that managers are able to know the current management situation whenever and wherever possible.

  • On-demand

    In accordance with the needs of enterprises and schools, it achieves personalized customization. It provides more options for managers by introducing third-party applications.

  • All-ubiquitous

    No matter when and where in the park and campus, the network based on ID identification is found everywhere, which meets the wide demands between management main bodies and individual users.